Friday, May 18, 2018

go big or go home

In true Ringelman fashion, we couldn’t just get pregnant and add another baby to the family, we had to buy a new house too. Clearly my husband likes to go big, or go home. This is us, we like to keep it chaotic. Meet the Ringelmans.

Its been a while since I’ve blogged and I miss it dearly. Im back and ready to share so much with you all. Over the last year, we have added a new baby to the family. Little Savannah Ray Ringelman. She just turned six months old and was the perfect addition to the family. Once we found out we were pregnant Jon decided we needed a bigger home, and once he puts his mind to something, he makes sure it happens. 

Thankfully, we didn’t move too far from our current home at the time, but I still had to pack an entire house, halfway through my pregnancy. I mean I planned an entire wedding pregnant, so why not. I am so glad we did it though, because I am so in love with our new home sweet home. We have some pretty great neighbors and the pool and park are a major plus. 

Besides the new house and baby, everything is still pretty much the same! Jon works so hard to provide the best life for us. I am still blessed enough to spend everyday with my babies, and we still frequent Disney. We Disney like being annual pass holders is our job. Paisley is still as sassy as ever, and quite hilarious if im being honest, and Austin is working hard and thriving. Their birthdays are coming up next month, 4 and 9 and I cant believe how fast time is flying. 

Our following has grown a little bit, and I am so excited to have some new friends along for the ride. From now on I will try my hardest to stay on top of blogging and sharing some of my deepest, and not so deepest feelings and thoughts with you all. Topics can range anywhere from a day in the life of, to special needs or not so special needs parenting joys and struggles. Disney days, marriage, friendships, maybe some recipes I love and some of our favorite products. I plan on just being me, and I can promise I will not filter anything. Because I love being real. Sometimes I curse like a sailor, but I promise to keep that to a minimum. 

Please ask ANY questions, Id love to answer them , but if you have anything mean or judgmental to say.. then you can go home. Lol 

Cant wait to share our journey with you! 


Monday, July 25, 2016

Mommy Means Business - Love Sick Threads

This weeks mommy means business monday you get to know the family behind Love sick threads! We have watched brittany grow this business from the ground up, and have enjoyed playing a minor role in her journey! I love everything about her brand! from the screen printed tees, to the custom distressed denim! She always has the trendiest denim brands with the best fit for littles! Everytime Paisley is running around in her lovesick shorts, she gets a million compliments, or I hear them talking as we walk by. "oh my god, her shorts". It literally never fails. Brittany offers so many different styles, and colors with some pretty clever names like, "blue collar skinnies" and "you concrete me" shorties. If you don't own anything Love sick threads, I suggest you head over now and cart all the goodness!!! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mommy Means Business Monday's - Tribe is Alive

Hi friends! Since Monday's are usually so boring and draining, I've decided to brighten yours by sharing a few of our favorite small shops! This week we interviewed Bri, part of the two person duo behind Tribe is alive ! This small shop means so much to us! This was the first small shop, that chose my beautiful babies to brand rep for their company! We love everything about tribe is alive , from the trendy original designs, to the comfy fit! Bri and her husband Tyler definitely created a fun, unique brand that speaks to everyone! Head over and check them out, at ! But first, let's get to know the family behind the shop a little more! 
 ( Photo cred: @girliegirlg37 )

Tell us a little bit about tribe is alive. How did it come to be?

Tribe Is Alive started as a side project to earn a little extra cash. It was my husbands idea/creative outlet since he enjoys art & art related things. He came up with the name and started up the business, and I somehow quickly took over in hope to be able to work part time at my current job & part time for Tribe since I was due in a few short months with our daughter. 

What motivated you to start this business? 

Definitely our daughter. We wanted to make her cute clothes, have a creative outlet, and earn some extra cash so that I would hopefully not have to work full time once I had her. I always admired women who worked full time to provide for their families and thought I would easily be able to do the same but the closer it got to having my little one, the heavier it weighed on my heart, so I did everything possible to make this business a success. 

( photo cred: @mairimrobles )

Did you ever see yourself doing this?

Short answer, no. I was in the medical field before this and loved it. But I love this equally as much. I never knew it would be so hard, but being home with my daughter makes every hardship and struggle worth it.

If you could give other business moms advice, what would it be? 

Give yourself a break. And never feel guilty for working. It's sometimes hard to step away when your list seems never ending, but it's necessary. Owning your own business is like having another kid, it needs a lot of attention, but so do the people right in front of you. I may never "get" how it's supposed to be done, but trying to maintain balance in my work/personal life is the most helpful. I am a work from home mom, not a stay at home mom. I think remembering that helps relieve any guilt. Donut dates or turning a post office run into a park trip are what I work so hard for. 

( Photo cred: @jennifercoburn )

What was your plan before deciding to start your own business?

We had zero expectations, which is silly and not business like. I quickly realized we needed goals and a plan to work toward and just went from there. In the beginning though it was just to be able to be more of the mom I wanted to be. 

What has been your favorite part of starting your business?

I love so many aspects of this job. But mostly being able to create things & meeting new people. Having a creative outlet can be so therapeutic. 

( photo cred: @crue_zer )

When life gets tough, what keeps you going?

Our amazing customers. Some days are tough, and something as simple as a tagged picture can quickly remind me why I do this. The random emails filled with kind words and little ones in our tees mean so much to me. I cherish every single one.

Tell us a little bit about your everyday life, your family, a day in life of. 

Our days are pretty basic. I wake up before our daughter since she typically sleeps until 8. I try to answer a few emails or ship orders. Then once the little one is up it's breakfast and playing. I promised myself a while back that if I had to work odd hours or late at night that was okay, as long as it didn't take away from our daughter, so that's what I do. I work during her nap which is amazingly about 3 hours each day. When my husband gets home I run up to the office to get a bit of work done before dinner & sometimes even work after dinner. There are days when I barely work, because I can't possibly work 7 days a week, although I crazily try to at times. I luckily get to pick when I work, so if Ollie is feeling clingy or just needing to burn a ton of energy I can take the day off and focus my attention on her, and just work on the "weekend". 

( photo cred: @frankiebear )

We all know owning a business can be a little demanding, what are some things you do to keep yourself happy?

Music is a huge part of our lives. We have an extensive vinyl collection. Putting a record on and dancing around with my family is the best wind down. We also love food of any kind, but are obsessed with a local taco truck that is close enough for us to walk to! I also like to run to clear my mind or going for a walk with my two awesome pups and daughter.

And lastly, what are some of your favorite mommy made businesses?

I hope a little more incite into the faces, behind these small shops, reminds you why shopping small is so important. You are purchasing from a family so that mother can stay at home with her child, or that child can play soccer that fall. Small businesses are so important to us, and we can't thank you enough bri and tyler, for sharing your creative minds with all of us, and our children!

Remember, shop small!