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Mommy Means Business - Love Sick Threads

This weeks mommy means business monday you get to know the family behind Love sick threads! We have watched brittany grow this business from the ground up, and have enjoyed playing a minor role in her journey! I love everything about her brand! from the screen printed tees, to the custom distressed denim! She always has the trendiest denim brands with the best fit for littles! Everytime Paisley is running around in her lovesick shorts, she gets a million compliments, or I hear them talking as we walk by. "oh my god, her shorts". It literally never fails. Brittany offers so many different styles, and colors with some pretty clever names like, "blue collar skinnies" and "you concrete me" shorties. If you don't own anything Love sick threads, I suggest you head over now and cart all the goodness!!! 

(Photo Cred: @jaxandsavvy)

Tell us a little bit about Love sick threads, how did it come to be? 
We (me, my husband & our son who was 2 at the time) had just moved states to give our son a better up bringing (we came from Vegas and decided that it wasn't where we wanted to raise our son) My husband was job searching and I made a re sale page for my sons old clothes to make some extra grocery money. I had some of his old distressed denim on the site & someone asked if I could make another pair. *DING* yes..yes I can. It took off from there.

What motivated you to start this business? 
I was working from home next to the little one. What more could I ask for! 

(Photo cred: @bleighlovee - featured, "charcoal heart shorties")

Did you ever see yourself doing this? 
No way! I mean I always have been into fashion and had day dreams of owning my own clothing line but never thought it would happen like this. Never! 

If you could give other business moms advice, what would it be? 
Don't let the bad days knock you down. 

(Photo cred: @charity.grace - featured, "no basic beaches" tank)

What was your plan before deciding to start your own business?
I wanted to be a stay at home mom and live more simple. We still love simple but with a dash of chaos. 

What has been your favorite part of starting your business? 
Getting tagged on social media with the items I made never gets old! Sometimes I even forget to hit like because I just stare at how cute and stylish all these kids are! 

When life gets tough, what keeps you going? 
Putting my phone down for the day, getting a pedicure, a cup of noodle for dinner, watch some Netflix (currently greys anatomy) and having a pear cider beer before bed. (My husband makes so much fun of the fact that I call my pear cider a beer haha) Just try to forget about any stress and enjoy my family. 

(photo cred: @jaxandsavvy - featured, dark wash jeggings

Tell us a little bit about your everyday life, your family, a day in life of.  
I have two kids (Savvy 4 months & Jax 4) so as soon as they wake up, I wake up. 
Getting breakfast and some cartoons in the morning is a must. 
I'm not much of a morning person. 
I personally usually skip breakfast & go right for lunch. Yum!
We then usually have jui jitsu for our 4 year old or swimming lessons. (summer schedule right now) 
I get a coffee In between all that. 
Come home and go for a walk around the neighborhood or stop at the park for a bit whatever sounds good for that day.
Sitting down for dinner as a family is a must in this house & after that I start on my work while dad gets the kids in bed, i stay up pretty late getting things done. I can't seem to get anything done when they are up but the fact that I can be with them all day long is amazing to me! Customers are always getting tracking numbers at 2 & 3am and sometimes I even see the sun start coming up & that's when i cut myself off and make myself get in bed. 

We all know owning a business can be a little demanding, what are some things you do to keep yourself happy?
Hockey or a baseball games is always a good time with the family! A pedicure, target, tj maxx and home goods shopping & I enjoy getting my eye brows waxed, it makes me feel like a million bucks. 

(photo cred: @tys_threads) 

What are some of your favorite mommy made businesses? 
For my daughter Savvy (4 months) I love purchasing crop tops from @rosenbelleclothing & paring them with my denim shorts or skinnies. 
I also love 

A big thank you to brittany, for sharing your story! Learning more about the families behind the shop,  and the reason it started, reminds people why they shop small! Head over to love sick threads right now, and use code JULY25 for 25% off all shirts and the new romper, they just released!! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mommy Means Business Monday's - Tribe is Alive

Hi friends! Since Monday's are usually so boring and draining, I've decided to brighten yours by sharing a few of our favorite small shops! This week we interviewed Bri, part of the two person duo behind Tribe is alive ! This small shop means so much to us! This was the first small shop, that chose my beautiful babies to brand rep for their company! We love everything about tribe is alive , from the trendy original designs, to the comfy fit! Bri and her husband Tyler definitely created a fun, unique brand that speaks to everyone! Head over and check them out, at ! But first, let's get to know the family behind the shop a little more! 
 ( Photo cred: @girliegirlg37 )

Tell us a little bit about tribe is alive. How did it come to be?

Tribe Is Alive started as a side project to earn a little extra cash. It was my husbands idea/creative outlet since he enjoys art & art related things. He came up with the name and started up the business, and I somehow quickly took over in hope to be able to work part time at my current job & part time for Tribe since I was due in a few short months with our daughter. 

What motivated you to start this business? 

Definitely our daughter. We wanted to make her cute clothes, have a creative outlet, and earn some extra cash so that I would hopefully not have to work full time once I had her. I always admired women who worked full time to provide for their families and thought I would easily be able to do the same but the closer it got to having my little one, the heavier it weighed on my heart, so I did everything possible to make this business a success. 

( photo cred: @mairimrobles )

Did you ever see yourself doing this?

Short answer, no. I was in the medical field before this and loved it. But I love this equally as much. I never knew it would be so hard, but being home with my daughter makes every hardship and struggle worth it.

If you could give other business moms advice, what would it be? 

Give yourself a break. And never feel guilty for working. It's sometimes hard to step away when your list seems never ending, but it's necessary. Owning your own business is like having another kid, it needs a lot of attention, but so do the people right in front of you. I may never "get" how it's supposed to be done, but trying to maintain balance in my work/personal life is the most helpful. I am a work from home mom, not a stay at home mom. I think remembering that helps relieve any guilt. Donut dates or turning a post office run into a park trip are what I work so hard for. 

( Photo cred: @jennifercoburn )

What was your plan before deciding to start your own business?

We had zero expectations, which is silly and not business like. I quickly realized we needed goals and a plan to work toward and just went from there. In the beginning though it was just to be able to be more of the mom I wanted to be. 

What has been your favorite part of starting your business?

I love so many aspects of this job. But mostly being able to create things & meeting new people. Having a creative outlet can be so therapeutic. 

( photo cred: @crue_zer )

When life gets tough, what keeps you going?

Our amazing customers. Some days are tough, and something as simple as a tagged picture can quickly remind me why I do this. The random emails filled with kind words and little ones in our tees mean so much to me. I cherish every single one.

Tell us a little bit about your everyday life, your family, a day in life of. 

Our days are pretty basic. I wake up before our daughter since she typically sleeps until 8. I try to answer a few emails or ship orders. Then once the little one is up it's breakfast and playing. I promised myself a while back that if I had to work odd hours or late at night that was okay, as long as it didn't take away from our daughter, so that's what I do. I work during her nap which is amazingly about 3 hours each day. When my husband gets home I run up to the office to get a bit of work done before dinner & sometimes even work after dinner. There are days when I barely work, because I can't possibly work 7 days a week, although I crazily try to at times. I luckily get to pick when I work, so if Ollie is feeling clingy or just needing to burn a ton of energy I can take the day off and focus my attention on her, and just work on the "weekend". 

( photo cred: @frankiebear )

We all know owning a business can be a little demanding, what are some things you do to keep yourself happy?

Music is a huge part of our lives. We have an extensive vinyl collection. Putting a record on and dancing around with my family is the best wind down. We also love food of any kind, but are obsessed with a local taco truck that is close enough for us to walk to! I also like to run to clear my mind or going for a walk with my two awesome pups and daughter.

And lastly, what are some of your favorite mommy made businesses?

I hope a little more incite into the faces, behind these small shops, reminds you why shopping small is so important. You are purchasing from a family so that mother can stay at home with her child, or that child can play soccer that fall. Small businesses are so important to us, and we can't thank you enough bri and tyler, for sharing your creative minds with all of us, and our children!

Remember, shop small! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

our CDH journey

"It's okay to grieve the child you'd imagine raising. That little boy that you can maybe almost see." 

At 20 years old, 22 weeks pregnant I was told, the sweet little bundle that was currently brewing in my body had a birth defect, a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. (This is a hole in the muscle between the chest and the abdomen, which allows the contents of the abdomen, stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, and kidneys to go up into the fetal chest.) 'Never heard of it,' was my initial thought but I really can't tell you what I was thinking at the moment. All I know is the specialist definitely down played it. Idk if he did that, to make the rest of my pregnancy somewhat enjoyable or if he just really didn't know what he was talking about. He gave me one scenario and only one. That was my first mistake - taking his word for it. I continued the rest of my pregnancy with weekly 4D ultrasounds and non stress tests. I really had no idea what the future held for us, but I would actually like the thank that Doctor, because I was able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and dreamed of all the things my boy would be, and all the things he would do. And for that peace, I am definitely grateful. 

Austins birth was planned for all outcomes. The hospital was filled with the best NICU doctors for the worst case scenario, and was right next to CHLA, if he needed ECMO. (a heart lung bypass machine.) it wasn't until I had been in labor for several days that we were told just how bad the birth defect could really be. Of course we had read up on it, but we just assumed what our original doctor had told us, was the truth. Young and naive - clearly. We were told there a chance Austin may not even make it once he was cut from the umbilical cord... If he didn't have enough Alveoli in his lungs, he wouldn't be able to breath. Alveoli are tiny sacs in the lungs that perform gas exchange. That is the main process of respiration where the body gets rid of carbon dioxide and picks up oxygen which is used in metabolism. 2 days in labor, told I'm being rushed into an emergency c section at 7 am and then you throw this news on me, I was definitely not pleased with that bed side manor, but I did need the truth. I needed to start accepting the real, life threatening journey we had ahead of us. 

I remember being wheeled into the operating room all alone. I remember having the worst anxiety and I just couldn't wait for them to let Jon come in. I remember the anesthesiologist asking me questions and trying to get me comfortable. I was in and out of consciousness and couldn't stop chattering my teeth. I was shaking like crazy and the bright lights were making my eyes water. I remember finally hearing a quick cry and then it went silent. As soon as they heard him cry they rushed to push a ventilator down his throat. It was all such a blur, but those are the details I remember. I was hoped up on anesthesia, and went to recovery for hours. 

That night they were not going to let me go see my Austin - but I didn't like that answer, so they got me a wheelchair and let Jon wheel me down to the NICU. I remember pressing the buzzer, and letting them know we were there to see baby Ringelman. Then came the 2 minute hand scrub and my pretty yellow gown. There was literally a big light up countdown on the wall, starting the minute you turned on the water. No one expects this to happen to them, no one wants to see their baby hooked up to two ventilation machines, machines that are keeping your baby alive, along with several different monitors and Ivs. But this was my reality. His hair had been combed, and he looked so peaceful. I couldn't touch him much, just some finger grazing of his hands. I remember that the nurse he had that first week was amazing, and everything I could hope for. She took such great care of my sweet babe, once he was moved to another room we didn't see her again.... I was only in the hospital for another two days, so everyday after that for the next 4 months, I drove to LA. The feeling of leaving my baby, never got easier. 

After about a week, I got a call on my way down there that Austin was going to be transferred to CHLA to be placed on NICU. I remember rushing down there, and seeing my baby in his little incubator being wheeled down the hallway, surrounded by paramedics. He and I rode in the ambulance across the street, and got him situated at Childrens hospital. He was in the room with the sickest babies, and to be honest most of the time he spent there he was considered the sickest baby. He was able to last another week without having no to be placed on ECMO until we got a call in the middle of the night. He remained on it for 13 days, they don't want you on it for more than 14. 

Once he was stable we started conversations about his surgery. They needed to close the diaphragm, and put everything back in place. His lungs needed room to grow, so he could breathe on his own. His first surgery was on his 1 month birthday. I remember Dr. Ford very well. Everything went well. Shortly after he performed Austin's procedure, I saw him on a commercial, helping children in Haiti. I appreciate him, very much. The road ahead was still a tough one. I remember this one woman. The doctors rotated so he often had a different one. She wore knee high boots almost every time I saw her. She didn't think Austin was going to make it. She said it several times, without actually saying it. Austin had pulmonary hypertension, an increase of blood pressure in the pulmonary arterypulmonary vein, or pulmonary capillaries, together known as the lung vasculature. Pulmonary hypertension happens because the blood vessels in the lungs are not formed properly. Which is life threatening and common in infants born with severe CDH. 

Things weren't getting any better so they wanted to start him on an experimental medicine. It hadnt been used that often at this point, but it was being used as a LAST RESORT. <--- those words kill me every time. And of course it was that woman that made the phone call. I had felt like she had lost all hope in my Austin. If it wasn't for our amazing nurse, Sandra - I might have too. Anyway, the experimental medicine was a nitric oxide drip, that went through his ventilation tube. Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) selectively targets pulmonary vessels, causing a potent and sustained vasodilatation and therefore increased pulmonary blood flow. 

This seemed to work, and Austin was finally on the road to recovery. I was able to finally hold him for the first time at 3 months old. It was one of my proudest moments. I didn't even care about all the tubes and wires. He was in my arms. And we were both happy. We were moved to one of the less severe case rooms, and Austin was able to start eating the breast milk I had pumped, though his nose to his tummy, known as an NJ tube. Sandra and I discussed our plan for discharge and Austin was able to enjoy tummy time, because he loved it. He was meeting with physical and occupational therapists and it was all starting to become a reality our sweet boy survived and would be coming home with us. HEALTHY, with just some MINOR developmental delays from being in the NICU so long. I was going to have to teach him to eat by mouth, and spend a lot of extra time helping him develop naturally. 

We headed back to Kaiser for his final surgery to finish closing everything up, placement of the, at the time temporary gtube, a mal rotation (they needed to rotate  and move around his intestines) a nissen fundoplication, (a procedure to treat gastrosophageal reflux disease also known GERD. ) and to place a central line IV so they had no issues with IVs for the remainder of his stay. The surgery went great and Austin began to excel. He was able to remain on a nasal cannula for oxygen and was smiling, reaching for things and making eye contact. 

My baby did it. He overcame his severe CDH and he was going to be okay. At least, until the first mistake happened 2 weeks after his discharge. But we arnt going to talk about that here because that's a different story. In those first 4 months of Austin life. I learned so much. Not only about the beeping machines that still haunt me; or the medical terms I never planned to learn - but about myself, and the kind of mother I could be, the kind I wanted to be. The strength I had, and the strength my son had. The people that would always be there, and the people that wouldn't. 

This was just the beginning of our journey, and we had a long road ahead, but don't get it twisted our life is more blessed than you could ever imagine. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Austin's Birth Story

"When you stand and share your story in an empowering way your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else." 

We were young and in love, being blessed with a baby. My Pregnancy started out like any normal pregnancy. I was able to skip the whole nausea thing all together, but i was tired, hungry and growing! Boy was I growing.. We went for our 20 week anatomy check up and found out we were having a bouncing baby boy! We were ecstatic! I had wanted a boy and we already had his name picked out so i was able to start my shopping!! Less then two weeks later i received a call they saw a something off in the ultrasound, and that i had to come back in for an ultrasound with a specialist. I was automatically freaked out, having no clue what this could have possibly meant.. We had no clue what the future held for us, or what we were going to endure as a family. After the specialist did an ultrasound on my baby bump we were asked to meet him in his office.. not exactly what i wanted to hear. i wanted them to say everything looked good, my baby was healthy and i could go home! I sat there in his office numb cause honestly I'm not that good at showing emotion. I was told my son had a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, [CDH - A condition in which the fetal diaphragm—the muscle dividing the chest and abdominal cavity—does not close completely.] and of course I have NEVER in my life heard of this.. So as he explained I listened as close as I could without my mind wandering off into a million places.. He reassured me it wasn't severe.. and its nothing I did or could have prevented. That it “just happens” to 1 out of every 2500 babies born, that we basically just had bad luck. He said Austin had to stabilize after birth, then surgery and two weeks recovery time, baby should be home in no time. 
I am not sure if he did this so I could enjoy the rest of my pregnancy, or his bedside manner was just way to good, or if he honestly just had no idea what he was talking about. We went home and of course googled the condition [like they tell you not too] and just kinda skimmed through it. They said there was a 50% survival rate in babies born with this, and that if it wasn't too severe there wasn't too much to worry about. We were under the impression it wasn't too severe at that point, so we could breathe. 
I continued out the remainder of my pregnancy, seeing the specialist weekly and having bi weekly non stress tests. Austin was growing and i was healthy. I had asked continually if i would need a c section and was reassured it would be perfectly fine to go ahead with labor. We did however decide to induce my labor at 40 weeks if he hadn't tried to make his debut yet. We were scheduled for an induction on June 8th, 2009.They decided to have me drive out to their hospital in Hollywood off sunset, because all of the top NICU Doctors were located there, and CHLA was directly across the street in case he needed to be placed on ECMO. [extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) a technique of providing respiratory support; the blood is circulated through an artificial lung consisting of two compartments separated by a gas-permeable membrane, with the blood on one side and the ventilating gas on the other.] 
June 8th approached and we headed down to LA with no idea of what the near future had in store for us. They were ready for us and we had a huge birthing room! They started the pitocin and so it began. My water broke on its own and after about 24 hours of labor i was given an epidural. I was not dilating at all - I was only about 3 cm dilated and had been in labor for what felt like forever. The NICU Dr. that would be taking care of Austin came in for a visit, which wasn't a very ‘uplifting’ experience. We were told Austin may not even make it. There is a chance his lungs didn't create enough alveoli to even take his first breathe. Due to the lack of space in his chest cavity and the ability for his lungs to grow. This completely blind sided us. I was traumatized, devastated you name it- Not once in my entire pregnancy had that been mentioned to us. And personally to this day, i don't think that was the right time to tell me. There I am almost 2 days into labor, on morphine and exhausted. By the end of day two my contractions were causing Austin’s heart rate to drop. The nurses decided to stop my contractions and i was told i would be scheduled for a C section for the following morning because this was too much stress on the baby. As i was wheeled into the OR the next morning, I couldn't stop shaking. The last thing i saw was Jon standing next to the big swinging doors in his blue scrubs waiting for the okay to enter. I have no clue how he was able to handle seeing me like that! He stayed strong - i was in and out of consciousness, my teeth were chatting like crazy and i was shaking non stop. They told me i would feel some pressure and that it was them pulling the baby out, i heard a cry. and then it stopped. They shoved a ventilator down his throat so he had help breathing right away and he was taken away.  On Wednesday, June 10th at 9:27 am Austin was born at 6 lbs 9 0z and measured 19 inches long. I was put in recovery alone for two hours and was sent back to room baby less. That was one of the many hardships i had to face in the near future. I finally was able to see Austin in the NICU later that night. He was attached to a couple different breathing machines, and had cords coming out of everywhere. I wasn't allowed to touch him, my baby was right there - the boy i had been carrying inside me for 9 months, and i couldn't even touch him. I think thats when it finally sunk in, this was severe. Austin shortly had to be transferred to CHLA and be placed on ECMO for two weeks. On July 10th He was finally able to undergo surgery number 1. He remained at CHLA for the next 2 months being the sickest baby in the NICU. I saw things in that place i wouldn't wish on any young mother, but i NEEDED to be there everyday, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Finally when Austin was 3 months old i was able to hold him. The moment i had dreamt of. I didn't care about all the tubes and vents he was attached too, all i saw was him and I. Austin was in the NICU for 4 months before being sent home to us with Oxygen and a feeding tube. 
We enjoyed every moment spent with our baby boy! I took him in for a two week check up with our surgeon and he decided he wanted to size Austin for a new feeding tube. He sized him, Austin cried a little and he sent us on our way. The whole ride home austin whined and cried and i knew something was wrong. I took him directly back to the hospital and after some X-rays and crazy stares - i was sent home 4 hrs later. Austin continued for the rest of the day to cry and whimper in pain. It was a sound no mother wants to hear. All i could for months was watch this boy and examine his mannerisms. I knew something was wrong. Later that night we ran back to the ER, and after being neglected again for several hours, Austins blood pressure began to sky rocket. Next thing i know the Pediatrician came running in with a whole gang of NICU nurses who automatically started poking and prodding him for a place to put IV's. I was being told the X-rays showed free air in his stomach, there was a hole and he was going into septic shock. A hole that wasn't there before the Dr had sized him for a new gtube. A hole that the other Drs earlier that day had missed because they didn't take me seriously. Because they took the wrong xrays. My son was dying because of all these incompetent people and i had no control. Here we were again, i couldn't protect him yet again. I think i still feel that guilt.. I couldn't save him from these people.. i had to trust the very same people who had just neglected him. The next morning after surgery Austin coded two times. for two minutes each. (We later found out that was because they ventilated him in correctly for almost his entire surgery, he was only getting air into once lung- his lungs were already weak and underdeveloped.) He spent another 40 something days in ICU and came home right before christmas, but not the same baby, 
For the next couple years we were discharged from therapies, and constantly just told he was ‘just behind’ I of course knew better. I saw an autism specialist, was sent away and finally when he was two we scheduled an MRI (where they also messed up and gave him a medication that he didn't react well too and had to stay in the hospital over night) Once the results came in and we met with the neurologist he basically told me austin had fluid on his brain and he would be like this forever. I left there more confused than ever. i took those results to a different Dr. who finally gave us the answer we had been looking for. After all Austin had been through, after all he had survived he was now left with brain damage [Cerebral Palsy] due to medical negligence. Most of his brain was scared tissue - not fluid. From that point on i was finally able to take care of my son the way he needed to be taken care of. Because of Austin, I am who i am today. I don't remember who i was before i became his mother and had to go through all of this. We became stronger. Austin is who i am, for the last 5 years he has consumed my life with his happy spirit. He is such a happy boy, and he is healthy. Those things are the most important, and we will forever be better people for going through all go this and coming out together and stronger than ever. Our story is complicated and not perfect but we are a family, and recently got to welcome another bundle of joy into it. I cant wait to watch them grow, and see their relationship as brother and sister blossom. She will be a better person being raised with Austin, because i know he made me a better person. 


IG: @bleighlovee

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Freshly Picked Feet

            I have so many things to say about this company, that i don't even know where to start! I know, Lets start with customer service - because without that, there is no business. No matter how much a product costs, no matter how many other places sell the exact same thing - you are going to continue going back to the company that met your needs the fastest, with the best service! My first Freshly picked purchase was sometime last summer when I first found out about this amazing IG community I have fallen in love with. Of course before spending that amount of money on a shoe for my child, i had a couple of questions. I emailed the staff and received an email back from susan herself. This woman is amazing. She has also hired an amazing staff to back her, and recruited some Mocc loving parents like you and I to be brand enthusiasts, who are always on top of answering questions. From the first moment I opened my pair of weathered brown moccasins, from that cute little stamped bag, and the scent of leather consumed me - I was hooked. 
            Austin's feet grow super slow, so for the past year he has remained in the same size and lets just say - our collection has kept growing. lol These are definitely my go to shoe on a daily basis! They are so easy to put on and go with everything! They can dress up any outfit, and at the same time dress down any outfit. Since austin has CP, he LOVES to point his toes, because of this a lot of shoes don't stay on too well, and are always falling off! We have literally lost shoes while spending the day at Disneyland, or walking around the mall, But these babies stay on his feet like no other! They never fall off!!!! He also loves to kick the shopping cart (which is one of the most annoying things to hear while I'm scooting around target aimlessly for over an hour, sipping my starbucks) but when he's wearing FP - I hear nothing!!!! Just another reason I am obsessed with them! Anytime we are heading somewhere that involves austin in a shopping cart Daddy says "Grab the moccs" lol 
          Speaking of Dad, he claims he doesn't like them too much, the look of them is far too "girlie" for his liking, but they are always his go to shoe! I just smile and keep quiet, but he must love how easy they are to put on, and how well they stay on. All the women swooning over how cute his sons "Moccasins" are must just be a plus. lol 
          As soon as we left our ultrasound with baby number 2, where we found out the gender - you bet the first thing I did was jump online and order a pair of pink ones!! I love the way these shoes tell a story - Austin may not walk at all, but his moccasins still tell a story. Some tell people that he's worn them more often, lol but thats besides the point. His adorable little foot print is forever imprinted in his weathered brown moccasins. His smoke FP's have little circle imprints right where the big toes bounce up and down on the cement. And I can't wait for paisley to take her first steps in her moccasins that are waiting for her! 
         Sure there are several other companies out there, that may make something similar to FP, but they will never be FP. Susan has put her heart and soul into this company - she started from bottom, and well - now she's here :) I will always support this company, and will always  send people their way. Would you rather buy some that run cheaper, or buy some from a woman who actually knows who your child is?? Susan took me by complete surprise when she recognized who my son was from his Instagram photos, and us emailing back and forth for the past year. We recently went to visit her at the land of nod - and she was so humble and loving - holding all the babes and taking pics with them. She does giveaways left and right, and interacts with the customers. She assigns Freshly Picked "kids of the week" (which austin had the honor of being during the month of March) to let you know, she sees your babes rocking her amazing product! She hasn't let the growth of her business take away from the love she has for her company & customers. 

With all the being said - GO BUY SOME MOCCS <3 and let her know, Austin sent you :) 
Until next time - 
Brandi xo 

Here are some different types of moccs, different leathers and different colors. 

 a couple different ways, Freshly Picked can be styled for your little. 

 & the adorable bag each pair enters their new home in! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

lovedbyhannahandeli - MUST HAVES

I started our shop almost 35 weeks ago today, and let me tell you, deciding to recycle all of Austin's hoarded clothes was one of the best ideas I've had! I have met some AMAZING people through this instagram community & have also found so many new clothing shops with the most adorable boys clothing. Everyone always says boys aren't that fun to dress, but they just don't know where to look! Let me help you out a little and send you in the right direction. I have been a long time shopper at one of my favorite IG based shops called @lovedbyhannahandeli. If you haven't seen her amazingness you need to go take peek! Her entire brand is designed by the hearts of her children. She has everything from infant to mama goodies! Her "cub" line has stolen many hearts around her!!! Im still waiting on the papa bear shirts so i can make daddy join us! Sarah is always coming out with something new that will blow your mind! Austin just loves all his loved by hannah and eli apparel and we own most of our favs! She has some amazing ideas she's coming out with for her spring/summer line and i can't wait to get my hands on just some of the 'sneak peeks' I've seen! Sarah is constantly busy coming out with new things to put on yours babes, and you won't be disappointed with the product. This shop has amazing customer service and she's always there to answer any questions. She recently just dropped a new design, her "this little light of mine" tee which was designed with the idea of "giving back" in mind and is featured right now on - a site that offers daily deals to help spread the word about childhood cancer and donates to families with children being treated or recovering from the illness. Ps. Keep your eyes out for an upcoming giveaway on @austinsapparel that may or may not feature @lovedbyhannahandeli 😁

Here are some ways Austin wore his @lovedbyhannahandeli gear and our must haves for your boy! 

This is the new "this little light of mine" T shirt; Thats featured on Psiadoreyou! Obvioulsy the Man Cub tank is one of our favs. 

Not only do I put austin in lovedbyhannahandeli but I can't wait to purchase her adorable girlie items for P! Some of our must haves are.. 

This AMAZING mermaid shirt that will be available soon... 

& just look at how adorable this baby bear onesie is styled with these other amazing goodies.
Baby Bear onesie // @lovedbyhannahandeli
Headband // @sugarplumlanebaby
Moccasins // @freshlypicked
Bibs // @littlehipsqueaks 
Theres something for all in her "cub" line! All of these are MUST HAVES!!! 

With all that said, @lovedbyhannahandeli will always be hanging in our closet or folded neatly in our drawers! I can't wait to see what the future holds for her amazing company! and I hope it reaches places Sarah never thought possible! I mean, she already has Kourtney Kardashian and Tori Spelliing dressing their babes in these hot items! Go get yours NOW & head over to !!

In the words of Sarah Duncan - "Keep Calm & Be A Mama Bear" 
xoxo B